About your artist

Hello! My Name is Kristen, and I am the wife of a paramedic, the mother of 4 young children, and I love to raise chickens, geese, turkeys and various other birds.

I love to blog/write, garden, raise poultry, homestead, be creative, and hang out with my Geese; Freckles, Nibbles, and Mr. Grouchy Feathers.

From 2014-2017, I donated 30,000 ounces of breastmilk to micro preemies, and local babies in need. Even though I am no longer breastfeeding or pumping, I am an avid supporter of the normalize breastfeeding movement. I even have a half sleeve tattoo of a nerdy pinup girl breastfeeding, so I can always #normalizebreastfeeding for all! 

I completed a jewelry design program many years ago, and I am a certified food preservation specialist.  

I have a passion for helping people celebrate or mourn through the preservation of their inclusions that represent their own unique and individual journeys, and I love creating beautufl pieces of art!