4 Ways to BEAT negativity

Positivity attracts positivity. It helps uplift, form true friendships, allows for love, and just makes the world a better place. Being positive is also EXTREMELY beneficial to your own health and overall wellness, which for me, produces much more creativity in art. Being positive is a choice. Sometimes its easy. Sometimes its hard. In a world that is exponentially growing in dark negativity, be a positive light. Here are 4 ways to help you remain positive


Eliminate negative people from your life. Whether it's a friend, a coworker, colleague, or even a family member, eliminate their negativity from your life the best you can. I understand that TOTALLY eliminating some people is impossible, but there are things you can do to limit your own exposure to their negative vibes. Hide or unfollow them from social media. Many people in this modern society vomit negativity freely without filters on their social medias, merely because its readily available and easy. You cannot control what others say, but you CAN control how YOU see it, and react to it. Merely unfollow or hide them. You'd be surprised how much negativity is eliminated! You can also limit the amount of time spent with these negative people, and do not spend time alone with them when possible. People do tend to be less negative in a group setting. If someone is constantly negative or putting others down, thats a BIG red flag, and run away as fast as you can! 

Start being picky about what you follow, listen to, or read. You would be surprised how your overall mood and happiness is effected by what we allow into our minds via reading, music, or television. Be picky about what you allow yourself to be exposed to. Instantly uplift your spirit by reading a positive article, listening to some positive music, or reading an inspiring book.

Surround yourself with positive influences. There is a saying that states "You are what you eat." Similarly, you ARE who you surround yourself with! If you are constantly around negative people and negative influencers, it will drain the happiness right out of you. Negativity feeds off negativity, and positivity multiplies positivity! Find like-minded, encouraging, and uplifting people and surround yourself with them. Learn from them. Grow with them. 

BE a positive influence! Lastly, the best way to receive positive vibes, is to BE positive to the world, and anyone and anyone that crosses your path. Refrain from talking negative, tearing others apart, gossip, and any other negative vomit that can be so easily spewed. If someone upsets you, say something positive about them. If someone is sad, uplift them. If someone bad mouths you, ignore them and move on. Never feed into negativity. Im definitely NOT saying to bury your feelings. Hurt if someone hurts you, be angry if someone angers you....just dont fire right back at them. It may FEEL like the right thing to do, but it just makes you look terrible. Take the high road. The more you strive toward being an overall positive person, the more happy and at peace with the world you will become. And the more positivity you will attract into your life.

Much love...and positive vibes,


Where did time go?

Sometime in the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks, my son became fully potty trained. I cannot pinpoint the exact day, and I cannot remember changing his last accident. They weren't lying when they said that kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

I sat here and let that sink in. My very last child is no longer a baby. My baby days are over, and they were but a breath in the wind, the blink of an eye. They were SO long, but SO short.  I often think how cruel it is, that the most innocent and precious moments of this life, I was fighting to stay awake. Exhausted and wishing with all my might for a break. Oh, what I wouldn't give to change one last diaper. To have one more session on breast. To clean up one more messy high chair. To be woken up in the middle of the night by a helpless little one wanting to be held and soothed on breast. Its funny how, in the fuzzy exhausting blur of life, we never seem to remember the very last time these moments take place.

Dear, precious Mama's with tiny ones. SOAK them in. Take photos. Take videos. Put the phone down. Shut the tv off. Even if they're sleeping. Push through the exhaustion, and study the way they are RIGHT now. This time is SO fleeting, and your heart will ache for these moments in a VERY short amount of time. The breastfeeding snuggles, and long nights, and the messy faces seem like they will never end. But before you know it, you will wake up one day, and you wont be able to recall the last time such moments happened. 

Much love,


A Little Advice, from one artist to another


I've recently read something about copying in this niche DNA business market. This really breaks my heart. Being copied myself in the past, I felt this artist's hurt, and has gotten me thinking.

A little advice to any artist out there, DNA jewelry and beyond.

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. Put blinders on, and stay oblivious to other artists around you. The absolute BEST way to make it as an artist is to bring unique items to the world. Sure, in the DNA jewelry business,  simple shapes, supplies or molds may be the same throughout the niche, but do your best to put your own spin on each and everything your hands create. Art is about displaying your soul for the world to see. Don't cheapen it by copying everything around you. 

I have had some of my ideas stolen in the past, so I know how it feels. I personally would never intentionally "copy" another artists ideas, and I suggest you do the same. The ONLY time you should be looking at your competition, is to be encouraging them to be the best that they can be!

Just as important as the above statements, STAY KIND. This is not a competition. There will ALWAYS be someone who will love your art, even if it's copied. Let them copy! Always be willing to help other artists in your field. Just because they do the same niche of art as you, is no reason to be rude or mean. Always be supportive on one another. After all, we all have the same goals; to spread love, comfort, and serenity to the world!

Being respectful and keeping a kind heart is increasingly rare in this day and age. Dont let the spirit of bitterness or disrespect take that away, no matter what happens. Be true to yourself, and keep shining in this increasingly dark world. The more we come together, the brighter we will be for everyone.

much love,


Life is too Precious

Very recently, I have been reminded how precious life truly is. A sweet friend passed away suddenly with no warning, leaving behind two beautiful young babies. Less than a week later, my family suffered a loss, as a beloved great uncle passed away. During this same week, my husbands grandmother was admitted to a hospital with heart issues, and one of my uncles was hospitalized for a heart attack. 

So much going on. So much loss and threats of loss. Between all these happenings recently, rolled into the accident that happened last fall when my husband broke his back and shattered his arm, It serves as a reminder as to how incredibly precious life truly is. You really do not know when your time is up. It can happen to anyone for any reason. 

It puts things into perspective. Puts people into perspective. I am given these reminders to love others a little harder. Put in more effort to relationships. It also makes me realize that there is literally no time for people in life who are petty, or don't honestly care. There is no time for petty arguments. No time for people unwilling to work issues out. No time for people who would  shut you out and gossip, rather than work out issues.

Throughout all the heavy loss in my life recently, I am reminded for those who want love, to love them with every ounce of my soul, and to let go of those who are not true. 

Life is too precious. 

Much Love,


Stop Everything

There is less than a week before I launch my official website, and revamp my whole brand. As you can imagine, I am amidst a whirlwind of working on orders, finishing up my website, taking photos for my business, and preparing for the big opening. My mind has been utterly and completely consumed by this huge undertaking.

Fast forward to this morning. I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day, doing my hair and makeup while answering messages and emails, with music going... Specifically, "Speak to Me" by Amy Lee. Perhaps the most perfect song for this perfect moment.

Quietly without me noticing, my 3 year old son slips in behind me, gets up to stand on the toilet, puts his arms up and calls out to me.

I turn around to my baby boy swaying to the music, wanting me to dance with him. I stop answering messages, emails, and the general business BUSY-ness consuming me lately, to soak in my little boy. I stopped EVERYTHING to pick him up to dance with my precious little one for the remainder of the song. Tears running own my face. Oh, how I miss this. Oh, how I don't do this often enough. Oh, I love this child so much I could burst.

THOSE moments are what life is ALL about. 

When life has you going a million miles an hour, in every direction imaginable, just stop everything. Stop everything and study their face. You will not get this day exactly how they are right now again. Stop everything and hug them. Stop everything to tell them how much you love them.

Stop everything and dance. 

Much Love,



Joy. Hold onto it for Dear Life.

    Joy. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

What brings YOU great joy? Is it reading a good book? Cooking a delicious meal? Chatting with friends? Running?  

Is it watching your children grow? Having a deep and meaningful 3 a.m. conversation with your significant other? Hugging a parent after years of emotional healing takes place?

My belief in God, My children, my husband, my birds, and my business all bring me great joy. Amazing music. Helping others navigate through tough times in their lives brings me great joy. I love the high that joy brings to me.

Beware of those people and situations surrounding you who are out to steal your joy.  

A car accident. A job loss. Negative and miserable people who want to tear you down no matter what you do. Stand up to them, and walk away from the negative emotions that so easily take over our lives. If left unchecked, such joy-stealers can send us into a downward spiral of negativity. Joy cannot live in a negative heart. Like the opposite sides of a magnet, they push each other away. 

We must be vigilant with our thoughts and emotions. Find the good in every situation, no matter how bleak things may seem. Feel your hurt, dismay, and discouragement, but don't sit there. Sitting in negativity and surrounding yourself with negativity will CONSUME you until you don't know how to be happy, and you will end up alone. 

Take those joy-stealing thoughts captive, and throw them far away! Life is too short to give our joy away to those will stomp all over it.

Also, don't be a joy-stealer. It may SEEM like it feels good to pick fights, start drama, treat others like they are nothing, ice people out, and gossip....but does it REALLY bring you joy to steal someone else's? Deep down you know it doesn't. You will end up alone. 

Find your peace. Find your joy. Stay there and ignore the storm howling all around you. Hold onto your happiness for dear life. Your joy will shine and be a light for those who need it.

Much JOY,