Life is too Precious

Very recently, I have been reminded how precious life truly is. A sweet friend passed away suddenly with no warning, leaving behind two beautiful young babies. Less than a week later, my family suffered a loss, as a beloved great uncle passed away. During this same week, my husbands grandmother was admitted to a hospital with heart issues, and one of my uncles was hospitalized for a heart attack. 

So much going on. So much loss and threats of loss. Between all these happenings recently, rolled into the accident that happened last fall when my husband broke his back and shattered his arm, It serves as a reminder as to how incredibly precious life truly is. You really do not know when your time is up. It can happen to anyone for any reason. 

It puts things into perspective. Puts people into perspective. I am given these reminders to love others a little harder. Put in more effort to relationships. It also makes me realize that there is literally no time for people in life who are petty, or don't honestly care. There is no time for petty arguments. No time for people unwilling to work issues out. No time for people who would  shut you out and gossip, rather than work out issues.

Throughout all the heavy loss in my life recently, I am reminded for those who want love, to love them with every ounce of my soul, and to let go of those who are not true. 

Life is too precious. 

Much Love,