Joy. Hold onto it for Dear Life.

    Joy. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

What brings YOU great joy? Is it reading a good book? Cooking a delicious meal? Chatting with friends? Running?  

Is it watching your children grow? Having a deep and meaningful 3 a.m. conversation with your significant other? Hugging a parent after years of emotional healing takes place?

My belief in God, My children, my husband, my birds, and my business all bring me great joy. Amazing music. Helping others navigate through tough times in their lives brings me great joy. I love the high that joy brings to me.

Beware of those people and situations surrounding you who are out to steal your joy.  

A car accident. A job loss. Negative and miserable people who want to tear you down no matter what you do. Stand up to them, and walk away from the negative emotions that so easily take over our lives. If left unchecked, such joy-stealers can send us into a downward spiral of negativity. Joy cannot live in a negative heart. Like the opposite sides of a magnet, they push each other away. 

We must be vigilant with our thoughts and emotions. Find the good in every situation, no matter how bleak things may seem. Feel your hurt, dismay, and discouragement, but don't sit there. Sitting in negativity and surrounding yourself with negativity will CONSUME you until you don't know how to be happy, and you will end up alone. 

Take those joy-stealing thoughts captive, and throw them far away! Life is too short to give our joy away to those will stomp all over it.

Also, don't be a joy-stealer. It may SEEM like it feels good to pick fights, start drama, treat others like they are nothing, ice people out, and gossip....but does it REALLY bring you joy to steal someone else's? Deep down you know it doesn't. You will end up alone. 

Find your peace. Find your joy. Stay there and ignore the storm howling all around you. Hold onto your happiness for dear life. Your joy will shine and be a light for those who need it.

Much JOY,