Stop Everything

There is less than a week before I launch my official website, and revamp my whole brand. As you can imagine, I am amidst a whirlwind of working on orders, finishing up my website, taking photos for my business, and preparing for the big opening. My mind has been utterly and completely consumed by this huge undertaking.

Fast forward to this morning. I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day, doing my hair and makeup while answering messages and emails, with music going... Specifically, "Speak to Me" by Amy Lee. Perhaps the most perfect song for this perfect moment.

Quietly without me noticing, my 3 year old son slips in behind me, gets up to stand on the toilet, puts his arms up and calls out to me.

I turn around to my baby boy swaying to the music, wanting me to dance with him. I stop answering messages, emails, and the general business BUSY-ness consuming me lately, to soak in my little boy. I stopped EVERYTHING to pick him up to dance with my precious little one for the remainder of the song. Tears running own my face. Oh, how I miss this. Oh, how I don't do this often enough. Oh, I love this child so much I could burst.

THOSE moments are what life is ALL about. 

When life has you going a million miles an hour, in every direction imaginable, just stop everything. Stop everything and study their face. You will not get this day exactly how they are right now again. Stop everything and hug them. Stop everything to tell them how much you love them.

Stop everything and dance. 

Much Love,