A Little Advice, from one artist to another


I've recently read something about copying in this niche DNA business market. This really breaks my heart. Being copied myself in the past, I felt this artist's hurt, and has gotten me thinking.

A little advice to any artist out there, DNA jewelry and beyond.

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. Put blinders on, and stay oblivious to other artists around you. The absolute BEST way to make it as an artist is to bring unique items to the world. Sure, in the DNA jewelry business,  simple shapes, supplies or molds may be the same throughout the niche, but do your best to put your own spin on each and everything your hands create. Art is about displaying your soul for the world to see. Don't cheapen it by copying everything around you. 

I have had some of my ideas stolen in the past, so I know how it feels. I personally would never intentionally "copy" another artists ideas, and I suggest you do the same. The ONLY time you should be looking at your competition, is to be encouraging them to be the best that they can be!

Just as important as the above statements, STAY KIND. This is not a competition. There will ALWAYS be someone who will love your art, even if it's copied. Let them copy! Always be willing to help other artists in your field. Just because they do the same niche of art as you, is no reason to be rude or mean. Always be supportive on one another. After all, we all have the same goals; to spread love, comfort, and serenity to the world!

Being respectful and keeping a kind heart is increasingly rare in this day and age. Dont let the spirit of bitterness or disrespect take that away, no matter what happens. Be true to yourself, and keep shining in this increasingly dark world. The more we come together, the brighter we will be for everyone.

much love,