Where did time go?

Sometime in the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks, my son became fully potty trained. I cannot pinpoint the exact day, and I cannot remember changing his last accident. They weren't lying when they said that kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

I sat here and let that sink in. My very last child is no longer a baby. My baby days are over, and they were but a breath in the wind, the blink of an eye. They were SO long, but SO short.  I often think how cruel it is, that the most innocent and precious moments of this life, I was fighting to stay awake. Exhausted and wishing with all my might for a break. Oh, what I wouldn't give to change one last diaper. To have one more session on breast. To clean up one more messy high chair. To be woken up in the middle of the night by a helpless little one wanting to be held and soothed on breast. Its funny how, in the fuzzy exhausting blur of life, we never seem to remember the very last time these moments take place.

Dear, precious Mama's with tiny ones. SOAK them in. Take photos. Take videos. Put the phone down. Shut the tv off. Even if they're sleeping. Push through the exhaustion, and study the way they are RIGHT now. This time is SO fleeting, and your heart will ache for these moments in a VERY short amount of time. The breastfeeding snuggles, and long nights, and the messy faces seem like they will never end. But before you know it, you will wake up one day, and you wont be able to recall the last time such moments happened. 

Much love,