Pet Memorial Pieces

Muninn Raven Pendant


Muninn represented "Memory" in old Norse. This cute little raven carries your precious inclusions close, keeping the memory alive. 


*** I can add cremation ash to almost any piece on my website, but for obvious reasons, I only have a select few photo examples of pieces made with cremation ash. 

**Please note* No two cremation ash pieces look the same. Ash can vary wildly in color in texture. They vary from light beige in color, to deep black. Some have bigger chunks, others are a fine powder. There is no way I can guarantee a color or appearance outcome. Precious Relics will not refund or replace if your ash piece based off the color or textural appearance. 

Each piece is as unique as the individual the cremation ashes came from. This is the beauty in these pieces!  

by placing an order with Precious Relics, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth by this website. 

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