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I have one custom order slot open!

This listing is paying for the custom order SPOT. By purchasing this listing, you are reserving the spot, and paying for my one on one time with you, and my time researching findings, creating findings, or finding a silversmith that is able to create your piece.

THIS DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE! Even if you decide you no longer wish to go through with your order, THIS LISTING IS NON REFUNDABLE. If I find that I cannot do your custom piece (like if it is too intricate or complicated) Then I will refund you $25 The other $50 paid for my time spent sketching and conversing with my silversmiths, and my extensive one on one time spent with you.

If you decide to go through with your order, $25 will be applied to your custom order. (NOT the full $75, as the $50 paid for my work getting your custom order around)

Keep in mind, I am unable to create intricate ring or pendant settings, but simple designs are very doable. PLEASE keep in mind, custom orders are alot more expensive, due to the extensive time and extra work that goes into them.

Due to non payments, or not following through, I will no longer be taking custom orders unless this is purchased first.

After ordering this listing, please contact me directly, for your one on one design idea.

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