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The Ultimate Breastmilk Keepsake Creation Kit


New to this, and want absolutely everything you need to create several breastmilk keepsakes in your own home? This kit is for you!

When I say this kit includes it all, I mean it! This kit will include:

2 packets of Kristen’s proven and proprietary blend of breastmilk Preservation powder, Everlast Dust

3 molds. One handmade in studio double cavity European mold (one smooth one faceted), ONE double pointed healing crystal mold, molded directly from Kristen’s personal Rose Quartz palm crystal, and ONE tear drop pendant mold.

1 Solid Sterling silver 10mm round bezel pendant base. Comes with a solid sterling silver connector loop.

1 Packet of Pearl Pigment Powder

1 Packet of white golden pearl color shifting pigment shimmer (shifts from white to gold)

1 Packet of blue Moonstone, color shifting pigment shimmer (shifts white to a subtle blue)

1 Packet of Angel Wing color shifting pigment shimmer (shifts from white to subtle green)

1 Packet of my opal effect flecks

1 mortar and pestle set. I use this exact same size and kind in my studio

1 precision hand powered hand drill

1 reusable silicone mixing cup

4 measuring cups

3 droppers

3 mixing spatulas

2 5ml liquid breastmilk measuring syringes

4 toothpick tools

4 SOLID sterling silver bead core findings (enough for 2 beads)

1 Preserved Breastmilk storage tin. An air tight, and dark tin to safely store your preserved breastmilk powder

1 tube lighter to pop any surface bubbles of a pice that is curing

2 Cotton storage Bags

1 Large reusable plastic storage case to store all your creation tools while not in use

1 Small reusable plastic dust case, to keep your pieces safe from dust while they are curing

1 safety face mask

1 pair of latex-free gloves, to protect your hands

All you will need is a double boiler, or a small frying and saucepan to create a double boiler effect! This kit includes everything I could think of, to get you started crafting your keepsakes right away.

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