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Please Choose your embellishment combination carefully. Precious Relics is not responsible for any outcome that is not favorable due to embellishment add choice, and no refunds or replacements will be made. By purchasing any piece, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined on this website.  

**PLEASE NOTE! Shards, glitter, flecks and flakes tend to sink to the bottom of a molded piece before it hardens. For example, the embellishment adds may be more concentrated at the bottom of a pearl, rather than at the top.**

Crushed Shards:




Fine Glitter:


Iridescent Fleck: *PLease note, that these give off an iridescent shine in various colors, not just the color shown. IRIDESCENT flecks may not look exactly the original color in pieces.





Below are the tint choices for breastmilk pieces, These can be used to color your breastmilk, or to use as a contrasting color in my feather pendants. Due to the varying shades of natural breastmilk, and the differences in monitor settings, tints may vary slightly from the photo.



Metal Flakes