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The Smooth "Academy" bead mold *UPDATED*


Due to slight imperfections on every single original academy mold that I have, (which causes slight imperfections on my master beads, which will pass the imperfections onto the molds) The new smooth “academy” mold will be slightly upgraded. The original “academy” molds are not the greatest of quality, so I have done my best to bring you something VERY similar at a superior quality. It will be about 1mm larger, with LESS of an opening on the top, which means less sanding to do later. Still fits the academy grommets, as well as the smaller rimmed grommets. The difference is marginal, and almost un noticeable, but yields a superior quality bead. All past orders will be shipped the upgraded version free of charge.

approximately 10mm

This mold is the closest to the original “Academy” molds that I could get and still remain quality.

Light sanding may be required. Micro bubbles and small imperfections can occur, and will not effect your mold’s integrity. Molds are made to order, allow 3-5 business days to create.

*fits the thicker bead cores on my website

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academy bead.jpg