Awareness Crystals

Autism Awareness Crystal


Crystals have long been believed to bring healing to our mind, body and soul. I thought the crystal be a perfect shape to help bring awareness to various diseases, situations, and people. Bringing awareness can be a great factor in bringing forth emotional healing.

I have decided to start offering “Awareness Crystals” to represent several different causes. 15% of every sale will go to a coordinating charity, supporting the awareness represented!

This is the Autism Awareness Crystal. Features a vibrant and highly pigmented colors of blue, yellow and red, fitting together perfectly, representing Autism Awareness, as well as a puzzle piece with a heart charm. Embedded is the phrase “Autism Awareness” The top is wrapped in stainless steel and ready to wear on a satin necklace.

A portion of the proceeds from this crystal will go towards the “Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation.”

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