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Keepsake Succulent Figurine

85.00 105.00

This little figurine is perfect for those who do not wear jewelry, but still want a beautiful keepsake! Approximately 1” fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! This PRJ original item cannot be found anywhere else!

Color combinations are only limited by your imagination!

Pictured from left to right:

(far left) Purple shimmer base, with a breastmilk, purple shimmer, and rich teal succulent tipping

(middle) Rich teal base with a lock of hair, and pigmented lime green breastmilk succulent

(far right) Light pink shimmer base, with a rich teal pigment, and breastmilk succulent tipping

I can accommodate any color request, just describe your color vision in the embellishment adds text box! If I need clarification, I will contact you <3

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