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Manifestation Crystal

115.00 130.00

Manifest and make visible your precious inclusions with this unique large display crystal. The largest piece that I currently create, this crystal is absolutely stunning. Much time and love goes into creating each crystal, as each layer is cast and cured separately to acheive the clouded, natural looking effect as pictured. You can also just have it one solid color or solid inclusion as well.

because of its size, if you want a pure inclusion crystal, 2 ounces of breastmilk is needed, or an ounce of cremation ash.

If you would rather have it infused with your inclusion, with another pigment as shown, the normal amount of 1 Tablespoon of breastmilk, and one teaspoon on cremation ash is required.

measures 53mmx27mm/28mm

Pictured with breastmilk/Liquid Gold shimmer fleck, and Amethyst shimmer pigment, and the other crystal is made from breastmilk and Teal shimmer pigment

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