Breastmilk Nebula in Sterling Silver


Capture your breastfeeding universe in this truly artistic galaxy, with a breastmilk nebula. This piece requires MANY layers of resin, which creates such depth, it really looks like a tiny universe as it moves! Contains fire opal effect flecks, fine glitter, fine holographic glitter, and tiny stars all around your unique nebula of perfectly preserved breastmilk!

Each pendant is a true labor of love, and art! Each one takes up so much time and energy to create, and each one turns out different, as unique as your breastfeeding journey. Because of this reason, only a few of these will be available each month. No two will ever look the same!

Unfortunately, regular colored flecks do not show up very well inside the black background. I use various random dichroic film to produce the unique effect in the galaxy background. Regular metallic flecks do not give off the same effect. For this reason, specific color requests are not available.

This tiny universe is set within a 30mm SOLID sterling silver bezel pendant.

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