Estella Luminosa


SO much about this ring set is symbolic! A double ring set, the single band supports the star to shine, much like a mother supports her children...a friend supports their best friend, a spouse supports a spouse, and any other supportive relationship role you can think of! Always there, always encouraging the star to shine!

The star can also represent a bright and guiding star of a loved one since passed, forever guiding you along your way!

This ring set has so many different meanings to so many different people. And it's STUNNING!

The 3mm inclusion stone is framed by a cubic zirconia star that just dazzles! 93 Cubic zirconia encrusts the whole top half of the rings, with rhodium plated Sterling silver on the back-underside of the ring. Rhodium plating resists wear and keeps the ring bright.

Top of ring height: 10.7mm

Top of ring width: 11mm

Band width: 4.2mm

Shank width: 2.4mm

Available in whole sizes 4-11

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