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Pressed Blooms Pendant Collection

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You walk along a beautiful path in nature with your precious children. You stop, take a deep breath of fresh air, as your toddler runs up and proudly offers you a flower that they plucked from this serene landscape. As they scamper away in a happy bundle of joy and giggles, you study this gifted bloom, and think...this exhausting and amazing time with young children will not last forever. This is the most precious gift a mother can receive; a small bloom representing the innocence and purity of childhood. You bring it home, and put it in a book to dry. a precious relic of a gift from your toddler, frozen in time..

27 hours of labor, 9 months have led to this moment. You hear the fresh new cry of your newborn, and euphoria unexplainable touches your soul. Their smell. Their little hands. Little feet. That first latch. The Beauty of it all. Visitors arrive with gifts of flowers. You take the flowers home, and there they sit through the first weeks home. Witnessing your struggles, your exhaustion, your triumphs. You walk by them one day and pluck a bloom off the bouquet. That single bloom that has felt all your emotional vibrations through the first few weeks, is placed within the pages of a book.....

You wipe away tears. You greet family and friends with a somber smile and a comforting embrace, as your heart crumbles within your chest. That heavy surreal feeling. They are gone, WAY too soon. You walk to the casket, not sure whether or not you just want to run away and cry, or throw your arms around them one last time. You miss them. You reach out and hold their cool and unreal feeling hand. Those hands that have touched your life in ways you cannot fathom. As you break your last touch, you view the beautiful flowers keeping watch over them. The flowers that were alive and growing when they were alive. The flowers that were in your loved one's presence. You pluck one, and bring it home. You place it in your loved one's favorite book.... 


Throughout SO many phases of life, and in many different situations, pressed flowers are links to a time that is precious and dear to our hearts. Pressed flowers are tangible links to memories, people, and emotions. Sacred relics to a time long since passed.

This is the inspiration behind my Pressed Blooms Collection. A pressed bloom shape containing your inclusions. Choose between a Cherry Blossom, a Poppy, a Tea Rose, pr a Sunflower. These are molded resin pieces with a stainless steel wire wrapped bail. Approximately 2inches.

Please specify any embellishment adds. An order without embellishment specifications, will be subject to artist's discretion. Unspecified embellishment adds for breastmilk orders, will be breastmilk ONLY by default.