Interested in creating a buzz with your following? Contact me about being a brand ambassador! This partnership creates excitement with your following, and brings more attention to your platform, as well as my business, at no expense to you. I do not do much in the traditional way of advertising. I find that word of mouth, reviews, creating beautiful pieces, and having excellent customer service is better than any ad out there. Working with influencers is a great way to spread that word of mouth! 

How it works: You share and review/link my business..in exchange, you get a complimentary piece, your following gets a complimentary piece for you to hold a give-away with.(How many pieces depends on how much of a following you have).

This creates a buzz for BOTH of us and is fun! Who doesn't like getting free stuff?! :D

**Must have a minimum following of 500, please.*


Since I can put a WIDE range of inclusions into pieces, from breastmilk to cremation remains, this is perfect for breastfeeding/pumping themed influencers, parent themed influencers, death-positive themed influencers, funeral homes, flower shops, parenting magazines or more to get their names out there! 


I only have a limited number of brand ambassador spots available each month, so contact me to be put on a list. First come, first serve.


I look forward to working with you!