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Who's Your Hero? Fundraiser by Ruthie

Who's Your Hero? Cancer fundraiser by Ruthie


Recently, my husband was diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer. It has been quite the chaotic ride for my family, including our 4 young children.

My oldest, Ruthie, heard us talking about the bills that started coming in, and she came to me wanting to make something to help cover the cost of the medical bills, copays, and treatments that are not covered by insurance, or other cancer related costs that we were not prepared to pay for at this stage in our lives.

So Ruthie and I put out heads together, and she decided and designed the keychains now available to purchase.

Cancer touches so many people these days, and one thing that stood out in her mind was “Who’s your hero? My daddy is mine.”

You will get a handcrafted keychain, created by Ruthie and I (she does everything except for the wire wrapping and the more difficult parts of putting everything together) She even puts the boxes and packaging together. The cancer ribbon charm is artfully poured in two separate resin layers, and is created from superior quality Eco Friendly Resin.

*A small amount of the proceeds from the sales of her keychains will go toward cancer related bills, the rest of the proceeds will be put away for her future education

Because Ruthie is in school and education and chores are a top priority, these will be created in small batches only AFTER her work is done. So these will be limited!

Thank you for your support, it means so much to her!

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