DIY Keepsake Creation kits
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Want extra Everlast Dust for your friends or loved ones? Starting or have an established Keepsake business, and would like a reliable preservation form? I am offering up my Everlast dust for sale to the public!!

Everlast Dust is the result of years of hard work, research, trial and error of Kristen, the owner and artist here at Precious Relics Jewelry. A proprietary blend of 7 NON-TOXIC ingredients, that not only transforms your breastmilk into a workable substance, but also prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. Without a preservation compound like this, adding straight breastmilk, or even pure dried breastmilk to resin, will discolor, spoil, and mold after time. Everlast Dust will beautifully preserve your precious breastmilk, and keep your keepsake looking bright and beautiful, with proper care and love!

Carefully measured, packed, and shipped by Kristen herself right here at the Precious Relics Studio, and ready to ship fast.

$10 per packet, with price breaks the more you purchase.

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