Return/Replacement Policy

Due to the custom nature of the pieces I create, and all the time, energy, and supplies that goes into creating your unique keepsake, No refunds will be given at any time for any reason. I do my best to create you a beautiful keepsake to cherish. I have strict standards, and will not package up and ship something that doesn't look the best that I could possibly create. 

Because I order settings and findings to order, I am unable to issue refunds after 24 hours of placing your order. Up until that 24 hour period, your order may be canceled. IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER WITHIN THE ACCEPTED TIME FRAME, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A 20% CANCELLATION FEE.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the drastic variances in each individual's inclusions, your keepsake piece will NOT look EXACTLY like the pieces photographed. Every piece is unique to YOUR journey. No refunds or replacements will be issued if you are not happy with how your inclusion appears in resin, as I have very little control over each individual inclusions appearance in resin. 

Order Cancellations

Due to the highly customized nature of the items that I create, I cannot accept order cancellations, for ANY reason. Almost immediately after your order is placed, I then put your order into action, and order your specific setting from my silversmiths/suppliers. Most of them then create your custom setting right away, so work on your settings cannot be stopped. WITH THE EXCEPTION: You have up to ONE HOUR post order placement to cancel your order, MINUS a 15% fee.

I will not Refund or replace pieces if you give me the wrong size setting. PLEASE KNOW YOUR RING SIZE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. I cannot change the size of your setting once an order is placed! 

If you receive your item, and you are not happy with it outside the guidelines of it being a handmade item (See my Terms and Conditions page) Contact me within 3 days of being delivered, and I will review your request and consider replacement.  You are responsible for shipping additional inclusions if needed. Any flaw issues taken place after 3 days post delivery, will not be replaced. 

Precious Relics is not responsible for how your skin may react to a setting or keepsake. No refunds or replacements will be issued because of your individual allergic reactions that may take place,

With IMPROPER care, metal settings may tarnish, and IMPROPER care can effect the look and integrity of your resin inclusion stone or inlay. NO refunds or replacements will be issued if your setting or inclusion piece yellows or fails due to improper care of your jewelry (exposure to water, excessive UV light, wearing while using chemicals etc) 

If a stone falls out of a piece within 3 months of receiving your finished order, I will repair or replace free of charge. YOU are responsible for shipping your damaged setting and any aditional inclusions if needed. If a setting has a functionality fail within 3 months of receiving your finished order, NOT including normal wear and tear, and if I believe proper care has been taken (See How to care for your inclusion jewelry) I will repair or replace your setting. You are responsible for the shipping your damaged setting and more inclusions if needed.  Any settings fails or stone loss after 3 months, I can repair for a fee if it can be repaired, I will not replace setting issues after 3 months.