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Want to order a custom request listing? Have questions? want an update on your order? Comments? Concerns? Want to create a buzz for your blog, channel, or social media platform in the form of a collab? Feel free to message me here!

PLEASE REMEMBER that turn around time is 18-20 weeks that STARTS when your inclusions are received, NOT WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, and can be subject to change without notice, due to circumstances out of my control. Sometimes your order may take a little longer than 20 weeks! I am the ONLY artist here working on your pieces and I have MANY pieces at any given time. Please know that I am doing my best to create your pieces as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.


Due to privacy issues and for the safety of my family, I can not take orders over the phone, and I no longer allow local pick-ups, or drop offs.



I am a one-mama business, and I get MANY many messages and emails. Please give me several business days to respond, and I will respond during my business hours, as time allows. Thank you!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE double check that your return email is correct! I have had several emails with questions that I am eager to answer, but the return address was typed in wrong, so I am unable to reply.   

Thank you! 


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