How do I send my inclusions?

Click here for instructions to ship your raw bio element inclusions.

Hassle-free inclusion-shipping kits are available to purchase for my U.S. Clients.  


The address for where to ship your raw inclusions will be in the confirmation email after you place your order.



How much of my raw inclusions do I need to send?

For Breastmilk Pieces, I will need 1 tablespoon of breastmilk per piece done, unless otherwise stated on the specific item's listing. 

For Cremation Ash Pieces, I will need 1 teaspoon of cremation ash. Any remaining cremation ash (if applicable) will be returned with your finished order.

For Placenta pieces, I will need 1 capsule of placenta powder.

For Hair or Fur pieces, I will need about 1 pinch of hair approximately 1 inch in length. I CAN work with less, however keep in mind, that the less hair sent, the less visible it will be in a finished piece. 

For Umbilical Pieces, you may send the whole DRIED stump if you wish, I will shave off flecks for your piece. Your leftover umbilical will be returned with your finished order.

For Sand or Soil Pieces, I will need 1 teaspoon.

For Dried Floral Pieces, you may send the whole dried floral if it is a small flower or amount, or a few petals if it is off a larger flower. Your dried florals may be crushed to fit in a piece.

For Cloth Fiber ieces, a small 15mm swatch is sufficient. Your swatch may be broken down in my studio to fit into your piece.  



Do I need to send my breastmilk cold?

Your breastmilk will NOT be used for consumption, so it does NOT need to be shipped cold. In fact, it is discouraged! Condensation from thawing breastmilk can weaken packaging materials. Your breastmilk may not arrive fresh, but that is perfectly ok. Breastmilk keeps its color for a suprisingly long time.  Once I preserve and process your breastmilk, freshness will not matter. 



Can I send my previously frozen breastmilk?

YES! I have made jewelry from breastmilk expressed and frozen since 2010, and it turned out beautifully! I have not noticed a difference between fresh or previously frozen breastmilk when turned into jewelry. The ONLY slight difference may be the color. I've noticed that breastmilk that has been frozen for a significant amount of time, can have more of a yellow/cream tint to it. Even then, it still creates beautiful pieces! 



How will you process my Breastmilk?

Click HERE to view how your breastmilk will be processed


How long will my order take?

For paid customers, turn around time starts the moment your inclusion is in my hand AND paid for in full, and can take up to 18-25 weeks. I work very hard to get most orders out before that 18-25 weeks, but ESTIMATED turn around time is 18-25 weeks. Please keep in mind that this is a living and fluctuating time. So many variables go into turn around time...from an illness in my family, to custom orders, to large orders, to problems with shipping taking longer than expected, to damaged settings needing to get replaced etc. In rare occasions, orders MAY take longer than 25 weeks. If an order will be longer than 25 weeks, feel free to contact me directly, and I will be happy to give you an update personally. 

Unpaid orders (give-away winners, complimentary pieces, collaborations) may take a longer than 25 weeks, depending on my order que. 


You will get an email with your tracking number when your order is ready to ship. Most of the time, I create labels several days in advance, prior to taking them to the post office. Your tracking number may not show any progress for several days. THIS IS NORMAL. It gives me time to gather several orders to ship at once, and gives me time to triple check each piece is perfect and in the right packaging. Thank you for your patience.

I do not have any assistants, I do not have any employees. I work 100% on my own. From taking the orders, answering messages/questions, to preserving the inclusions, to creating the pieces, to designing new pieces, to packaging and shipping, its all done by just me 💜 At any given time I have MANY orders in my que. Please be aware that I take great care to put my 100% into each piece made, and this takes time. From processing and preserving the breastmilk (for those with breastmilk inclusions) to drying it and grinding it into a powder, to creating each piece, it takes time to do it right. Each piece is hand made with love and care by me, and when I have SEVERAL orders pending, it may take some time to get to yours. Your piece is not mass produced, it is carefully hand crafted. 

I understand the eagerness to receive your precious pieces. I am eager to get them to you to enjoy! I take my time with each individual order to make sure everything is as perfect as I can get it. 

Every inclusion stone I create is custom handmade by me in my studio, and it is not a very quick process. This coupled with multiple orders, and other factors can effect turn around time. 

I am also a mother to 4 young children, a wife of a paramedic, and I raise geese, turkeys, chickens and ducks on a small farm. I am always on the go! 😄

I thank you all for your patience, as I work my tail off to create your precious pieces. Rest assured, I am working hard to get your pieces to you as fast as I can. Your patience is appreciated 💜


Can I cancel my order?

Due to the highly customized nature of the items that I create, I cannot accept order cancellations, for ANY reason. Almost immediately after your order is placed, I then put your order into action, and order your specific setting from my silversmiths/suppliers. Most of them then create your custom setting right away, so work on your settings cannot be stopped. WITH THE EXCEPTION: You have up to ONE HOUR post order placement to cancel your order, MINUS a 15% fee.

Do you Create custom orders?

Due to my order volume, and the amount of time that takes going into custom orders, out of respect to my clients, I no longer take custom orders on a regular basis. I will open up a custom request piece slot here, as time allows. Please contact me here prior to purchasing a custom request listing slot, (ONLY IS THE CUSTOM LISTING IS OPENED, PLEASE)  so we can discuss your piece to see if it is something I can do. The custom request listing cost is $45 and pays for the custom slot, and all the extra time that I put into creating your vision. This fee is NOT included in the final cost of your piece. 

Things I can do:

Create custom molds out of your personal item that you send. (must be flat-backed) This item will be returned with your finished order, I can embed photos or names, I can create molds out of a special theme. (animals, Shape, flowers etc) I can work with some custom setting artists if you have a ring setting you would like. Some restrictions may apply, so talk with me first to make sure your vision is within my abilities. 



Do you work with Social Media Influencers? (Youtube, Bloggers, Instagram pages etc) 

YES! I most certainly DO! I open up a few slots each month to social media influencers. I can create a piece for you free of charge to review on your social media outlet, or I can give a piece to your following in a give-away,or I can do both (depends on the size of your following). This generates a buzz on your social media outlet, which generally creates more traffic to your page/channel. I offer this service free of charge. You must have an active social media outlet, with a minimum number of followers/subscribers.  

If you are interested in partnering to create a social media buzz for your outlet, or would like more information, contact me

How do I figure out my ring size?

You can google printable ring sizers to figure out your ring size. You can also go to a local jeweler, or jewelry counter and they will be happy to assist you on getting your ring size. 

PLEASE know your ring size prior to ordering. Precious Relics cannot change your ring size once an order is placed, and no refunds or replacements will be given if the wrong size was ordered. 


Will my inclusion stone shatter if it gets bumped or dropped?

The material used to hold and preserve your inclusion is an eco friendly superior quality resin, deigned for use on busy restaurant table tops. When cured, it hardens into a material similar to a hard plastic. It will not shatter like glass under normal wear and tear. Like plastic, it CAN scratch, however. Over time, many micro scratches may cause your stone to appear cloudy, THIS IS NORMAL. I can resurface your stone in my studio for a fee. So please remove your piece if you are participating in rigorous activities. 



Do pendants come with a chain?

All pendants ordered from my website will now include a 20' adjustable white or black satin necklace! (Artist's choice). You may use this necklace, or switch it out with your own. I have sterling silver cable chains for sale in the chains and other add ons page as well.