DIY Keepsake Creation kits
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The Basic Breastmilk Keepsake Creation Kit


Here is my Basic Breastmilk Keepsake Creation kit! In this kit, you will get the very basics needed to create your precious keepsakes in the comfort of your own home! The Basic kit will include:

2 mini measuring cups

1 Mixing Spatula

1 packet of Everlast Dust, Kristen’s unique, proven, and proprietary breastmilk preservation Compound

1 hand created in studio, superior quality, 2-cavirty European bead silicone mold. One smooth and one faceted bead mold cavities

1 complete EcoPoxy, superior quality, eco friendly resin set. Resin part A and Resin Part B. A total of 20ml of resin, or enough to make several sets of beads or other add ons.

1 packet of my pearl pigment powder, my most popular shimmer

1packet of my quality opal effect flecks, my most popular sparkle add

4 silver plated bead findings, or enough to finish 2 beads (additional findings can be purchased on my website)

1 Reusable dust box. Keep your pieces safe from dust and debris, by storing in this box while they are curing. You can also reuse the box to store your supplies in when you are done crafting.

1 cotton bag to safely store your finished beads in while not in use.

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