DIY Keepsake Creation kits

The Basic Cremation Keepsake Creation Kit

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This kit is perfect for those who have an inclusion other than breastmilk that they would like to craft themselves. This creation kit is perfect for cremation ash, hair, fur, dried botanicals, dried placenta, dried umbilical, sand, soil, fabric pieces, and much more!


Comes with 20ml of premium EcoPoxy resin, enough for several beads and small projects.

Plastic mixing spatula

3 toothpicks

2 measuring cups

3 of my popular metallic flakes, in Sapphire, Gold, and Amethyst colors. Perfect to accompany cremation ash.

1 Premium, in studio made, double cavity European Bead mold. One smooth round bead and one faceted bead.

1 Teardrop Pendant Mold

4 silver-plated bead cores, enough for two beads. (solid sterling silver can be purchased in my keepsake Artist supplies page)

1 Reusable dust box, to keep your pieces safe from dust while they are curing

1 cotton bag to store your finished beads in

*In an effort to save trees, and reduce waste, all instructions will be available to you on my website. You can then print them from there if needed.

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