Inclusion Shipping Instructions

All Items will be shipped USPS First Class by default. If you wish to upgrade your shipping to Priority, please select that option on your item. International shipping is adjusted per country. Precious Relics is NOT responsible for your individualcountry's customs fees

For Breastmilk:

  • After placing your order, write your name and the item you ordered on the container or breastmilk baggie containing your breastmilk inclusion. I will need 1 tablespoon of breastmilk per piece being made. Then triple bag your labeled breastmilk. Triple bagging helps ensure not one precious drop is lost during transit. Then place your labeled and triple bagged breastmilk in a small bubble mailer and ship to Precious Relics

  • Since your breastmilk will NOT be used for consumption, it does NOT need to be shipped frozen, and I encourage to ship fully thawed, to disallow the condensation from weakening shipping materials.

  • If you are shipping internationally, check your country's laws regarding shipping breastmilk. Precious Relics is NOT responsible for your country's customs fees.

  • PLEASE NOTE! Precious Relics, and its owner are NOT responsible for inclusions or finished pieces that are lost, damaged, or stolen during shipping.

For Cremation Remains

  • I only need 1 teaspoon of cremation ash per piece created.

  • Please double bag your cremated remains (ziplock baggies work the best) and write your name and what you ordered on the outer ziplock-style baggie. Place in a small bubble mailer and ship to Precious Relics.

  • Any unused cremation ash will be returned with your finished piece.

  • Before sealing the shipping mailer, add a piece of paper with both the sender’s and addressee’s address and all contact information inside the box. If the address label on the box is obscured or lost, postal workers will still be able to identify the sender and receiver of the package.

  • Clearly write "Cremation Remains on the outside packaging next to the shipping label

  • Domestic US Customers; Cremation Remains MUST be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express service. Go to your local post office for help with shipping your precious cremated remains

  • International customers; Please see your individual coutry's laws for shipping cremation remains.


Hair/Fur/Dried Petal/Umbilical/Placenta Powder/Sand/Soil/Cloth fiber Instructions:

  • I will need a pinch of hair or fur per piece made.

  • Try to keep all hair or fur bunched together as much as possible. rolling the hair together in between two fingers usually helps bind them together.

  • I will only need a 10mm piece of a cloth, PLEASE NOTE* The cloth swatch may be trimmed down to fit the piece per the artists discretion.

  • I only need 1 teaspoon of sand/soil.

  • I will need a few DRIED petals. PLEASE make sure the flower is dried prior to shipment, or they will change a brownish color. PLEASE NOTE all dried petals will be turned into petal flecks, and will NOT be cast whole.

  • Flecks from your umbilical stump will be shaved into flecks for your piece. Any unused umbilical stump will be retuned.

  • If placenta is desired, it MUST be in powder form! NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Place your inclusion in a baggie and double bag it.

  • Write your name and what you ordered on the outer baggie, and ship to Precious Relics






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